User Guide

Regatta Portal, an data platform and API for the Internet of Things which enables you to collect, store, visualize, and act on data from sensors or actuators.

Regatta Portal provides you an overview of your connected devices. You can connect new devices to your account and disconnect them. You can list and search the connected devices. You can view the details of the devices and and monitor their status. You can also see the location of the devices and trigger events and alarms based on predefined sensor readings.

The primary concepts of the portal are Assets, Signals, dashboards and Asset Templates.


Logging in

See information how and where to login.


Main layout

Get to know the elements in the main layout.


Assets & Asset Templates

Assets represent a real world resource, business object or such. Asset Templates provide a basic structure of an asset.



Signals represent data coming from real world sensors and information sources.


Dashboards & Widgets

Dashboards are views for visualizing the statuses of chosen parameters in device.