Training and support services

Support and maintenance at different stages of the IoT life cycle

There are situations in the ever-changing operating environment, where there is a challenge which doesn’t seem to have a solution.

We offer support and maintenance services in case of these inevitable situations. We increase the know-how of your team, efficiently solve problem situations remotely and ensure the continuous development of services.

Diverse training and support services

Our diverse support services and training help you utilise analytics solutions at different stages of the IoT life cycle.

Remion Koulutus


Increase your team’s know-how in the design and development of IoT technologies and infrastructures with training that has been tailored for you. We ensure that the introduction of IoT solutions takes place quickly and efficiently.

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Support services

Remion’s remote support service is an easy and quick solution for various problem situations. We solve problems remotely using a secure connection in real time, cost-effectively and effortlessly, which saves both time and money.

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Remion Care

Regatta Care service agreement

The RegattaCare service agreement is the most comprehensive support services that Remion offers. It allows you to ensure that the solutions function without unexpected interruptions.

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Increasing requirements of support and maintenance

The life cycles of industrial IoT are long, so the requirements for better support and maintenance that cover the entire service time continuously increase.


The quick introduction of solutions and their functioning without unexpected interruptions save resources and euros.

Benefits of our service

Better customer experience

Transparency and the systems’ high level of usability allow your company’s customer experience and customer satisfaction to improve.

Effective help

We are a dynamic partner: Our service is provided on an individual basis and tailored for the needs of your company. We react quickly. We operate in a cost-effective manner.

Good usability

The continuous development of the IoT environment ensures a timely, functioning and quality service for your company and your customers.

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