Artificial intelligence

Significant cost savings and analysed data

In order for large amounts of data collected from equipment, processes and the environment to be presented in an understandable, value-adding format, the only option is often to hire more labour or transfer continuous analysis work to be carried out by artificial intelligence systems. In typical artificial intelligence solutions, the definition and implementation of systems require strong expertise in artificial intelligence technologies.

Remion’s artificial intelligence solutions offer a simple way to implement artificial intelligence as part of your company’s IoT business solutions. Our artificial intelligence solutions allow your company’s ability to understand IoT data and meaning to improve with the help of smart and automatic data processing.

Our artificial intelligence solution

We offer artificial intelligence solutions via our Regatta AI (Artificial Intelligence) product.

Remion Tekoäly

Regatta AI

We develop automatic tools for making humane observations from data. Thus, we save your time in making decisions.

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Continuous development work and significant projects

The artificial intelligence solutions we use are based on machine learning algorithms, which have been found to be reliable. Our know-how is strongly linked to university-level research and algorithms that have been developed there, which have been applied to e.g. the observation of smart home events and even controlling the environment itself.


We are involved in Aalto University’s Digital Twin research project, where we apply our artificial intelligence system to the implementation of major industrial operators’ digital twin.

Benefits of our service

Significant cost savings

Our system uses measured data to produce automatic reports, observations and alarms without the need of  human input in terms of continuous data analysis work.

Comprehensive overall image

The algorithms we use allow for the data of various subjects to be combined in order to obtain a comprehensive overall image. Our system produces easy-to-understand information as various indexes, images and verbal sentences – data is provided in a desired, easily understood format.

Prediction of deviations

The modelling of your company’s equipment and processes allow short-term and long-term deviations in the operations of the monitored subject to be observed. Our algorithms adapt to various situations and adapt to the process’s slow changes, and are simultaneously always alert-ready.

Quick introduction

Data that is relevant in terms of business and decision-making can be made available quickly, because our system uses continuous learning methods in data collection.

Increased understanding of key operations

The data analysed by our artificial intelligence system allows your company to increase its understanding about the technical condition of your machines, production and business efficiency, maintenance needs, financial and safe user methods as well as the well-being and satisfaction of users.

Control of real-time processes

Our artificial intelligence system can be combined with your company’s control system, whereupon the artificial intelligence system’s data can be used to control real-time processes.

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