Readiness assessment

Determine the opportunities of IoT

How do you replace anxiety and lack of knowledge with the understanding of IoT’s features and opportunities? How do you realise the dimensions of business that may change both your operating environment and your customer’s operating environment as well as the entire industry sector?

We help you identify new IoT business opportunities as well as understand their added value and productivity benefits. We make IoT solutions part of the everyday operations of your business and we help ensure that you utilise the solutions effectively and the best possible manner.

Our Readiness assessment service

At Remion, we have several years of experience in readiness assessments. Let our expert team determine your company’s level of readiness and opportunities to utilise digitalisation.

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Readiness assessment

Our expert team will determine the opportunities IoT opens up for your company. On the basis of your business environment, strategy and operating methods, we shall refine a plan which clarifies development themes and their objectives as well as specifies the procedures required by the reforms, and a concrete schedule shall be prepared.

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Utilise digitalisation with our help

With the help of our Readiness assessment service, we have helped several companies to find new income opportunities and creative development themes for utilising digitalisation. Such themes include, for example, the reform of current production processes, services or products, the creation of new earning models as well as implementing information-driven reform and development.


Effective and agile development projects increase productivity and competitively as well as create a brand image as an innovator and reformer.

Benefits of our service

Identify promising ideas

Our readiness assessment helps identify the most promising ideas and quick benefits. We help find the ideas that can bring added value in the short term.

Find opportunities

We clarify with you, for example, the opportunities of wild ideas – we help you plan practical procedures and we provide a method on how to proceed with a selected idea.

Resource effectively

With the help of a readiness assessment, you can resource and schedule your IoT idea trials in an effective manner.

Test in an agile manner

In the readiness assessment, we pilot new ideas in an agile manner and you will be able to see them and their functioning quickly in genuine situations.

Develop your business operations

Effective and agile development projects grow the productivity and competitive advantage of your company, as well as create a brand image as an innovator and reformer.

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