Grow and improve your business operations with our IoT solutions

The benefits of industrial internet as part of your business operations

We will help you find the benefits to be achieved with industrial internet and actualise them as part of your business operations. We design and implement industrial internet service solutions that make the use of equipment and business processes more efficient.

We are your partner at all stages, from design to maintenance and training. We shall further develop our solutions as your operations change and grow to ensure that they provide you continuous competitive advantages and cost savings.

Our services

Remion Valmiuskartoitus

Readiness assessment

Identify your IoT business opportunities and try them in an agile manner.

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Remion IoT-konsultointi

IoT consultation

Support for the creation of your company’s IoT success story.

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Remion Palvelumuotoilu

Service design

Develop and implement ideas in a more effective manner.

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Remion Analytiikka


Make good, timely decisions and develop your business operations with the help of data.

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Remion Tekoäly

Artificial intelligence

Understand IoT data and make significant cost savings.

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Remion Tietoturva

Data security

Keep your data security up-to-date and ensure customer trust.

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Remion Koulutus ja Tuki

Training and support services

Training, support and maintenance at different stages of the IoT life cycle.

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Remion Regatta

IoT solution as an end-to-end service

Regatta® is the quickest way to implement industrial internet services for your use.

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Typical applications

We have implemented industrial internet solutions for 15 years for companies in various industries, machine and equipment manufacturers, service companies and development organisations. Applications we have developed have been in production use around the world since 2003.

  • Work machines and equipment
  • Properties, energy and waste management
  • Water, fuel, etc. stocks
  • Vehicles and transportation
  • Industrial automation and processes
  • Cleantech

Our solutions are used around the world

Our customers have one thing in common: they want to get the most out of IoT. Sometimes the challenge involves improving the management of equipment life cycles or making maintenance more efficient. Other times the challenge is to collect and analyse information in support of product development.

The most important aspect in all our customer accounts is to utilise the newest technology and operating methods, and focus on such everyday challenges, which will provide concrete benefits for the business operations.


Our aim in the near future is to develop a vessel, which can be completely remote-controlled from land.


Benefits to be achieved from our solutions


Create a new flow of income with the help of information obtained with IoT as added value services.


Reduce the maintenance costs and downtimes of equipment and machines with the help of data and proactive decision-making.


Utilise comprehensive information in the development of your business operations – our solution is compatible with general IT infrastructures and networks.


Optimise your equipment’s and machines’ level of use and minimise downtimes.


Use real-time location data as well as error and user reports for increasing the efficiency of daily work and for planning production.


Improve the competitivity of your company with the help of collected and analysed data by optimising the management of equipment life cycles, making maintenance more efficient and by refining product development.

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