IoT business consultation

Support in the creation of your company’s IoT success story

Since we have worked on more than 140 I0T projects, we know that the Internet of Things involves a lot more than just connecting sensors to the cloud. On the basis of experience, we also know that you need an analysed comprehensive approach if you want your own IoT idea to succeed.

It is important to create the right digital strategies and business models for the company’s IoT success story, and for a digital strategy to succeed, it must be strongly synchronised with the business models. We support you in defining comprehensive IoT business models that include strategy and in the synchronisation of the digital strategy.

Our business consultation service

Luomme yhdessä sinun kanssasi liiketoimintalähtöisen IoT-strategian, joka palvelee liiketoimintasi kokonaisstrategiaa ja tuo lisäarvoa liiketoimintaasi.

Remion IoT-konsultointi

IoT business

We utilise proven and practically tested models which help us develop an ideal digital strategy and an accurate IoT business model for you. We help proceed from the ideas of an IoT solution to its conceptualisation and from conceptualisation to a prototype in a cost-effective manner.

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Productive partnership

As your strategic IoT partner, we are involved in the design and implementation of both an internal IoT business strategy and a service collection. We help with placement strategies, plans and implementation.

With the help of our wide network we provide added value to the entire value chain. We help in developing the right kind of ecosystem strategy and enable the growth of sales as well as in finding new earning opportunities.


We help in taking your IoT solutions from ideas to concepts and from concepts to prototypes in a cost-effective manner. We enable the growth of sales and in finding new earning opportunities.

Benefits of our service

Continuous development

We determine your starting position with you and help you assess and identify your own business opportunities.

Improved iteration process

With the help of our expert group, you will predict errors already at a very early stage and improve your company’s iteration process.

Comprehensive strategy quickly

Due to our wide experience and quality background work, we can quickly determine initial implementation actions as well as an accurate strategy, which includes an operating plan, market visions and trends, customer needs as well as developing business models.

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