What works at home, also works at work

#RemionCrew currently consists of 20 inspired employees, who each have their own backgrounds and strengths – you do not need to fit in to any certain mould, instead join our team as you are!

Things that are important to us include genuine interest towards our work as well as the desire to develop our own skills and be at the peak of development. We have the courage to take on new challenges and as a team, we solve them – that’s how success stories are formed.


Engineer, humanist, gardener… There are many of us! Read more detailed descriptions about us below and bring your own personality to our relaxed team.

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We are #RemionCrew

“Experienced C++ coder, novice ultrarunner!”
“Visual WonderBoy”
“Java artisan &
DevOps shaman”
“Strict no to machine coffee”
“Software designer working with background systems, who is interested in technology and science”
“As a team, we are more than the sum of individuals.”
“Coding wizard, who runs on trails”
“More Elvis, so we can achieve miracles quicker”
“Eternal student”
“Headbanging JS dev”
“Full stack developer who enjoys the opera, dance hall and Thedas”
“Customer’s voice and secretly a coder too”
“Head in the clouds, feet in the mud”
“Analytical problem-solver and multitalented technology professional”
“Court vision and manual skills”
“I would code in the sauna, if I could.”
“Boheme guitar hero, who lives in his own time zone. Aki Kaurismäki of data technology”